Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall News

The big news for on-line handmade sellers is Handmade At Amazon - the newest version of Amazon which will be launching soon.  In late May H@A began sending out invitations to handmade artists. Stella Erwin's was accepted in June.  Yay!  This is what Stella's landing page art will look like.   

BIG THANKS and hugs to Sherilyn Koss at for this stunning digital art. Sherilyn has created all of Stella's art for 2 years, lending beauty and consistency to our brand. I highly recommend Sherilyn, a gifted artist and professional business woman. She has great instincts for putting together exactly what you want and need with limited information. And she's fast!

Handmade at Amazon has not launched yet, but should soon.Stella's inventory at H@A will be unique from that at Etsy, though in the case of duplicate pieces you may see the same item in both shops.  More to come as this venue opens. 

Below are some of newest glass creations from this season.
Ice cube design - $66

Porch Lights - vintage glass hanging candle holders.  Some of these are milk glass and most were originally on porches or in bathrooms. Although a few of these we installed in carnival trailers in the 60s. Visit the Porch Light section and look at the exquisite selection.
More than just a candle holder 

$51 - stunning milk glass
$51 - milk glass w/side cutouts

Imagine these with votives or remote control LEDs.  Discounts on multiple Porch Lights purchases can be realized with the following coupon codes used a checkout.  

PORCHLIGHT10 - 10% off purchase of 3 Porch Lights
PORCHLIGHT15 - 15% off purchase of 4 Porch Lights
PORCHLIGHT25 - 25% off purchase of 5 or more Porch Lights

Thanks so much for reading and for your support.

Julie Jansen

Coming Soon:  Vintage glass Wynne (no it's not misspelled) chimes and the newest in covered bird feeders - think square.

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