Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cardinal invasion in my yard today.  One on each feeder and several waiting for a table in a nearby tree.

It's about to get really cold here tonight.  There have been a lot of cardinals lately, at times 10 or more, many of them young birds.  As you can see, there are plenty of males hanging around also.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a good day for the blues and you will see a number of blue feeders below, the most popular color at

BUT first a word about bird seed.  As you can imagine there are a number of Stella's creations at the Jansen castle.  Based on the wisdom of my dad (Stella's nephew) and confirmed by my aunt, his sister-in-law, I serve a simple mix of chicken scratch and sunflower seeds - 3 parts chicken scratch to 1 part sunflower seeds.  My local feed store sells both - 50 pounds of scratch for about $13 and 25 pounds of sunflower seeds for about $20.00.  This combo purchased from your local feed or general store will save you lots of money, if you feed birds year round like I do.  And the scratch is tax free!!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL - It works.  Today there was a cardinal invasion at the Jansen castle, with 10 or more cardinals at my feeders this morning, including 2 adult males, several adult females and lots of their offspring.  The little ones are cute and curious - their parents are ever watchful of the Jansen castle dog and cat.  Good parenting.

And now a look at the Blues.

This one at $91 is hanging outside and the cardinals love it - The cover keeps squirrels out and their food dry.

Sold one just like this last year and decided to keep in in the line of feeders.  It's listed at $64

A new addition to Stella Erwin's this spring.  Don't know if I can part with it - maybe at $69

It's fancy, pricey and your for $77.

Please shop here:

And do contact me with questions.  My photographer is gathering information for a future blog about the best time to get pictures of your birds - which for most of us is coming up in a couple of months.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

As Valentine's Day approaches, Stella Erwin's is presented with another great opportunity.  In honor of the big day of LOVE, I reduced the price of 12 feeders by 20% and put them in a special section on my Etsy page.  Below are a few of them.

This one makes me feel like ice crystals.  Love how the top and bottom shade have complimenting edging.

                                               Nothing says Valentine's Day like pink.

                                                              Or white with flowers

                                                           You can always go flashy

So do shop my 20% off section.  If you've read this far than you know you can use the following coupon code for 20% any item, including Clearance and Valentine's Day sections.  It's good through 3/31/2014



Friday, January 17, 2014 designs new and old

Told myself that keeping up this blog in 2014 is a New Years resolution and much more fun that those other pesky resolutions about getting in shape and losing weight.  And thus, the 2nd post of today. is proud to bring back a very popular style today.  Several of these beautiful floral designs have sold in both blue and cream.   Finding a popular design is so important for the sustainability of my shop.  This one is listed at $69

Speaking of sustainability - repurposing vintage glass light shades into stunning garden art is sustainable in a couple of ways.  Obviously the glass doesn't go to the landfill AND the birds and yes squirrels have a lovely place to dine.  It's amazing how certain birds are drawn to certain colors.  Cardinals will eat anywhere.

This particular design sold out around the holidays.  I found a great buy on 6 of them and was able to pass it along to my customers.  Great gifts.

Shop at for these and other repurposed glass light shade bird feeders.

Pre holiday and the holiday season were so busy.  I sold a lot of bird feeders.  Such good friends have purchased and consulted with me on many new designs.  Today Stella Erwin's looks quite different than it did even 3 or 4 months ago.  Some of my new work is listed below, including some stunning pieces for Valentine's Day.

At $91 this while and red piece is a steal.  Many of my covered feeders are over $100 - it all depends on the original cost of the glass.  I decided to price this a bit lower for the big holiday coming up Feb 14.

The rim on this one is long stem roses.  Flowers that will last far beyond Valentine's Day.

I find that blue is the most popular color of birdfeeder and have stocked the shop accordingly.  This is one of about 5 or 6 currently listed from $59 to $67.  I have a few more blues coming in this month.

Covered feeders are stunning and come in all colors, designs and sizes and are priced from $58-$123.  This one is listed at $89.  The top piece is Murray Feiss glass

This Pale pink creation reminds me of a wedding cake with it's delicate patterns and designs.  Listed at $64.  There are other pinks ranging in price from $51 to $67

This has been a popular design for me in just about any color.  This beige is listed at $59.

Check out my clearance section.  There are still a few remaining that are 40-50% off.