Friday, January 17, 2014

Shop at for these and other repurposed glass light shade bird feeders.

Pre holiday and the holiday season were so busy.  I sold a lot of bird feeders.  Such good friends have purchased and consulted with me on many new designs.  Today Stella Erwin's looks quite different than it did even 3 or 4 months ago.  Some of my new work is listed below, including some stunning pieces for Valentine's Day.

At $91 this while and red piece is a steal.  Many of my covered feeders are over $100 - it all depends on the original cost of the glass.  I decided to price this a bit lower for the big holiday coming up Feb 14.

The rim on this one is long stem roses.  Flowers that will last far beyond Valentine's Day.

I find that blue is the most popular color of birdfeeder and have stocked the shop accordingly.  This is one of about 5 or 6 currently listed from $59 to $67.  I have a few more blues coming in this month.

Covered feeders are stunning and come in all colors, designs and sizes and are priced from $58-$123.  This one is listed at $89.  The top piece is Murray Feiss glass

This Pale pink creation reminds me of a wedding cake with it's delicate patterns and designs.  Listed at $64.  There are other pinks ranging in price from $51 to $67

This has been a popular design for me in just about any color.  This beige is listed at $59.

Check out my clearance section.  There are still a few remaining that are 40-50% off.

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