Sunday, April 20, 2014

Etsy Success Hints and Tips from the Pros - PART I

Sustainability has been the theme and several Etsy sellers of vintage shared their success stories, experiences and passion for vintage in Feb/Mar blog entries.  Each also provided tips to running a successful Etsy shop.  Think it's all about photographs? Think again.  Sure photos are important but these sellers had other tidbits to share.
To conclude the sustainability series their advice is gathered up for reading, pondering and putting into action.  In 3 (or 4) parts.  Look for links to their shops and listings to enjoy a great shopping experience. Mother's Day is coming up and these shops are fully stocked with 100's of unique vintage gifts.

Katy (fellow Texan) from - "Research -educate yourself first, but always chase your dream, your passion – On Etsy, your passion will be recognized: it will be appreciated and hopefully turn into sells for you." has accumulated some impressive numbers in 2.5 years on Etsy
368 Sales
1859 Admirers
120 Solid reviews with 5 Star Average

Roxie from    "Be patient and be unique. Have all the information you can have on whatever you sell. Customer service is always #1. Thank everyone for a sale, even after the automated response - use their name and indicate when purchase will ship.(Be sure to read their notes if they put them in the invoice). Thank them after they've left you feedback, telling them how much you appreciate their business and any response to their comments. If someone is less than happy, know that everyone deals with an issue sometimes. Do not take it personally and learn whatever you can from it and go on."
Numbers don't lie and here are some stats from - opened 4 years this month

940 Sales
3576 Admirers
620 Reviews with 5 Star Average

Stay tuned for Part II - coming soon.