Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ultra Violet Stained Glass Wind Chimes


Stained Glass wind chimes make the most beautiful sound when the breeze moves around them.  It's a lovely bell tone, soft and soothing.  This season created a collection of mobiles inspired by Ultra Violet - Pantone's® 2018 color of the year.  There are 14 OOAK wind chimes in different color pallets with names that invoke lush images like: Intrigue, Drama Queen and Desert Sunset.  The link to the Ultra Violet Stained Glass Wind Chimes is here:

In addition to Ultra Violet this "Desert Sunset" piece includes Muskmelon (orange), Hot Pink, Poinciana (red) and pale translucent pink.  
Desert Sunset -
"Drama Queen," is the color pallet, of the next piece which includes both vintage and stained glass in Chili Pepper (red), Kalamata (kale green), Bronze Mist, and Ultra Violet.

Drama Queen -

Mystery and "Intrigue," are the inspiration for the next chime which combines Turkish Sea (teal), Calliste Green, Pale Gold and Ultra Violet.
Intrigue -
The production process is labor intensive taking several weeks to complete.  The glass is tumbled to remove sharp edges.  Precision holes are drilled and the glass cleaned and inspected prior to installation.  The suspension system is a vintage bed spring, small hook and chain.  Finished hardware is powder coated for a stunning finish that also prevents rust.  Below are some of the finished stained glass pieces

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P.S. As I was writing this entry, the Desert Sunset Chime sold - exciting for me.  A replacement OOAK chime will be coming soon.  Still, this is a limited edition collection.  So shop soon.  xoxo 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Covered Bird Feeders

It feels so great to have the 2018 spring line of Covered Bird Feeders ready for you.  The glass started coming in last summer, about the time the hardware was being powder coated.  There are only 8 in the spring collection, making these pieces very OOAK - perfect for the person who loves to have something no one else has.  

The Glass

Tops to the bird feeders are repurposed lamp or ceiling shades from early last century.  Herringbone and Iris in pink and soft beige, Ribbons and Bows in blue and beige and stunning florals are all part of the 8 piece collection - which can be found at this link:

White floral & depression console
White floral top close up

Ribbons & Bows w/ Indiana Carnival
The bottoms include carnival glass in blue, green and violet, a depression era console bowl, beautiful embossed white ruffle and a stunning opalescent green with drape design. 

Hardware & Powder Coating

The hardware is adjustable and powder coated for a stunning finish.

High Point, our powder coating contractor for many years has this to say about the process: "Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The absence of solvents and VOCs is what makes powder coating a more environmentally friendly option to traditional wet paints."

I just love the environmental aspects of this finish, not to mention it's resiliency with nature.  Three finishes are available - Textured White, Wrinkle Black and Cafe Noir.  You choose! 
embossed roses & green carnival

Squirrel Proof?

Nothing is really squirrel proof, but with adjustable hardware you can close the gap between top and bottom to a few inches to attract the birds you most enjoy!

And the tops do help keep your bird food dry.  
Ribbons & Bows over purple carnival

It's so much fun creating these pieces which are ALL available @  There are a few left from 2017 that are ON SALE and can be found at this link:

Coming Soon 

The Ultra Violet Stained Glass Wind Chime Collection
The Ultra Violet Glass Beaded Barware Collection

The wind chime collection is currently in production and will be released the week of Jan 21 - NEXT WEEK!  Wow, really coming soon.

The Ultra Violet Beaded barware collection will be released in early Feb.  

All of our new collections are first announced right here in the blog.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018


I hope you had a marvelous holiday season that included a break from whatever your routine is.  Below are a couple of photos featuring my newest household member (Etta) enjoying the music of my son, the professional French Horn player.  It was the cutest thing, she watched and listened the whole time he was playing. 

Etta enjoying to a little classical horn
She adores the musician

Wow! It's 2018 and we are creating new lines at and introducing new inventory to our flagship bird feeder line. Our artists are busy busy busy working on fabulous new creations that include:

  • Celestial Mobiles - hand cut glass sun, moon & stars suspended from repurposed vintage glass
  • An elegant barware collection featuring Ultra Violet - Pantone's® 2018 color of the year
  • Stained glass wind chimes
  • Decorative plant (bird feeder) hangers in twisted metals accented with glass beads
Our goal is to introduce all of these during the 1st quarter - so stay tuned for updates.  In the meantime we are filling up the bird feeder and wind chime inventory that was depleted during the holiday rush.  Thank you so much for continuing to honor Stella Erwin's with your gift purchases.  

New in covered bird feeders is this stunning rose top over green carnival glass.  The listing link is right here -  It is OOAK and it was so exciting to find this stunning top.  We only list 10 or so covered bird feeders each year, so you truly get a one of a kind piece.  

We just shipped 17 new wind chimes and 6 new bird feeders to Amazon warehouses for Prime availability.  If you need a beautiful and quick gift you can find all of our Prime listings @  

There is so much more to share but for now it's time to get back to making more pieces available to you.

Thank you so much for everything in 2017.  
Julie Jansen

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


If you haven't already heard, Ultra Violet is the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year.  It is so luscious and this is what they have to say about it!

There is so much to see and read about Ultra Violet® including 8 color pallets that include the 2018 color of the year.  Each one is gorgeous and names like "Purple Haze," "Intrigue," and "Quietude," invoke our creative spirit.  I love this one - "Drama Queen"
This link will take you to all 8 pallets -

Stella Erwin's glass beaded artist is working on our "Ultra Violet® Collection," of Lampwork glass beaded: wine bottle stoppers, martini picks, swizzle sticks and pens.  They will be arriving in early 2018, along with vintage glass bird feeders and wind chimes using Pantone's Spring 2018 color selections - shown here.  There's Ultra Violet at the end of the 2nd row.

We are so excited about 2018 and have lots of new lines coming.  In the meantime, you can finish up your holiday shopping at:

I wish you all the best in this holiday season.

Warm Holiday Wishes
Julie Jansen

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Stella Erwin's, LLC

December 3, 2017

First things first - it's hard to believe we are in the last month of 2017 - hopefully a busy month for on-line sellers like us!  Stella Erwin's uses both Etsy and Amazon.  We've been on Etsy for over 4 years and on Handmade at Amazon since they started a little over 2 years ago.  The platforms are very different allowing for flexibility.  Why use both?

Amazon has a robust seller's platform, is known world wide and has PRIME.  With Amazon Prime, we prepare our handmade products for shipment and send them to an Amazon warehouse.  Amazon handles the ultimate shipment and our customer benefits from their Prime membership with 2 day shipping.   We have over 50 Prime offerings now including this vintage glass bird feeder
These OOAK glass beaded items - a writers set and wine stopper, are also available through Prime.  And that's not all......there are OOAK glass beaded barware sets, bottle openers, pens and 5 remaining tumbled glass wind chimes.

Etsy has recently made changes that make it extremely easy to put things on sale.  Right now, Stella Erwin's has over 30 items that are 30% off.  They include: vintage glass bird feeders, candle holders, wind chimes and even some of our glass beaded pens and barware.  
Wind Chime in Red & Gray

Once the Etsy sale is set up, they create a shop section and put all of the sale items in that one place.  Here is a link to Stella Erwin's sale and photos of 2 items in that sale.

Vintage Glass bird feeder in pink

Whether you prefer Amazon or Etsy, we hope that you will find something at Stella Erwin's for that person in your life who "has everything." 

Have a great December and see you soon.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Stella Erwin's, LLC

November 17, 2017

On December 1, 2017, Stella Erwin's will become my full-time love (work).  It has been an amazing 4 plus years and I am looking forward to putting tons more time into this growing handmade business.  It will be wonderful to be able to think through all the new lines planned for 2018 and beyond - for example:
  • Hummingbird Feeders
  • Celestial Mobiles
  • Butterfly Feeders
This year we really expanded our glass beaded products.  Artist Nancy Rittenberry, created this set of silver, teal and green wine bottle stoppers for a custom order. 

Wine Bottle Stoppers from Stella Erwin's
We have a complete line of OOAK glass beaded barware, as well as stunning glass beaded pens and writer's sets.  It can all be found @ www. - some of it is even on Amazon Prime.

Prime is fairly new for Stella Erwin's and we have a great selection of glass beaded OOAK gifts.  We also listed 8 wind chimes and 3 bird feeders as a Prime test.  There are 5 remaining chimes and 2 bird feeders.  If they continue to sell well, we will expand the prime selection in these lines for spring. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner.  Look for specials beginning Nov 18 all the way through the mad cap shopping season.  First one begins tomorrow around noon CST - @ - we would love to hear from you. 

We wish you all the best, during this holiday season. 

Thanks for everything!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stella Erwin's
"It Takes a Village"
Part I

There comes a time in life of any successful small business when it's no longer feasible for one person to do all the work.  For me that time arrived well before the available funds needed to hire hourly help.  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some creative ways employed by as well as other Etsy sellers in "It Takes a Village" series.  

Part 1 - What to do with so much glass to drill and only a 12 volt battery hand drill.  
Stella Erwin's has two lines that require holes drilled in the glass - Porch Lights and Wynne Chimes (and no Wynne Chimes is not mispelled.) 

The Porch Light are handled in house with a hand drill, but the Wynne Chimes glass is drilled by my good friend Jeff Wynne.  The volume of glass needed for the chimes line is huge, limited only by the amount of glass that arrives broken or is broken in processing.  After finding the cost of a drill press to be around $900 the search began for an alternative.  Enter Jeff Wynne who already owns one!  

Jeff Wynne - creator of Wynne Chimes

That's him busy drilling holes on the pieces of glass that are first tumbled back at Stella Erwin's. Upon completion of the first batch of 100 or so pieces, Jeff was paid with a covered bird feeder from Stella's inventory.  Our current arrangement, which includes some additional work by Jeff on the chimes is 50/50 split upon sale.   These chimes have very little cost involved but are labor intensive. With Jeff's help we are able to keep things sustainable at Stella Erwin's by using even the broken glass.  

One of the newest in the Wynne Chimes line and just in time for fall. Beautiful amber and gold glass are featured in this piece. They are suspended by a vintage bedspring.  

Links to the Wynne Chimes and Porch Light sections at follow.  

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Stella Erwin's presents:
Foothills and Flats

Stella Mae Erwin, my great aunt, had a zest for life and loyalty to her extended family that was remarkable.  She died young but is well remembered and loved. Great women are like that, they live on and on.  

Stella's great grand nephew and his wife, Ben and Jessalyn Beasley, recently began their artist adventure creating handmade artisan jewelry. They are open for business on Etsy at and soon to be on Handmade at Amazon.  

A little bit about their shop and some of their creations. Listing links follow last photo. 

$61.23 Sterling Feather 
$15.95 Turquoise wire wrapped ring
Our name is Foothills&Flats because of the two parts that make up this company, a Tennessee boy and a Texas girl. On the one hand, our roots very much influence our work and our style but on the other hand, it's just a starting point. 

Our affections for silversmithing really took off after Ben cast his own wedding ring (the week of the wedding.) We were enamored by the matte finish of the delft clay casting and the immense feeling of having created something so meaningful with our own hands. 

$37.45 Copper Cuff
Our jewelry is earthy and eclectic. It appeals to the simple down-home style or the traveler in search of the connection between all humans. Designed for the person who appreciates that there is nothing new under the sun and that all things are influenced by another and connected. We believe in art for the sake of connecting humans to craft, not simply to generate profit or provide endless copies. Sometimes it’s better to limit the reach. That’s what makes it unique.
$51.50 Sterling Mountain
 That's what makes us all unique. We found that we're all a little like that first wedding ring, cast from such precious material, unique in our creation & raw and imperfect until our Maker comes along to give us the perfect finish.

Shop now, shop often.  Their designs and quality are amazing.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall News

The big news for on-line handmade sellers is Handmade At Amazon - the newest version of Amazon which will be launching soon.  In late May H@A began sending out invitations to handmade artists. Stella Erwin's was accepted in June.  Yay!  This is what Stella's landing page art will look like.   

BIG THANKS and hugs to Sherilyn Koss at for this stunning digital art. Sherilyn has created all of Stella's art for 2 years, lending beauty and consistency to our brand. I highly recommend Sherilyn, a gifted artist and professional business woman. She has great instincts for putting together exactly what you want and need with limited information. And she's fast!

Handmade at Amazon has not launched yet, but should soon.Stella's inventory at H@A will be unique from that at Etsy, though in the case of duplicate pieces you may see the same item in both shops.  More to come as this venue opens. 

Below are some of newest glass creations from this season.
Ice cube design - $66

Porch Lights - vintage glass hanging candle holders.  Some of these are milk glass and most were originally on porches or in bathrooms. Although a few of these we installed in carnival trailers in the 60s. Visit the Porch Light section and look at the exquisite selection.
More than just a candle holder 

$51 - stunning milk glass
$51 - milk glass w/side cutouts

Imagine these with votives or remote control LEDs.  Discounts on multiple Porch Lights purchases can be realized with the following coupon codes used a checkout.  

PORCHLIGHT10 - 10% off purchase of 3 Porch Lights
PORCHLIGHT15 - 15% off purchase of 4 Porch Lights
PORCHLIGHT25 - 25% off purchase of 5 or more Porch Lights

Thanks so much for reading and for your support.

Julie Jansen

Coming Soon:  Vintage glass Wynne (no it's not misspelled) chimes and the newest in covered bird feeders - think square.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Stella Erwin's 

How to Write Successful Etsy Description for Vintage Items

Because it's important to capture as many on-line customer segments as possible, I invited Alex, a college sophomore, attending the University of Illinois to share his thoughts about writing listing descriptions.  His shop - is successful and his perspective fresh and well grounded.  But first, enjoy a couple of his listings, and be sure to click on the links that follow and read his descriptions.  

Antique Auto Horn - $70
1969 Vintage Lunch Box - $28.89

This from Alex: In the body of the description - "Repeat your item title and other important identifiable characteristics about your piece in the first 1-2 sentences.  This is important for SEO (search engine optimization) and being chosen by Google and other search engines as one of the first results if someone searches for your item.  Google looks at the first 64 characters of your description - making the placement of this information important."

Bloggers note:  I recently incorporated this great advice in to all of my new listings.

Next, describe any faults, problems, or missing parts with your item.  Leaving it for last leaves a lasting impression.  This part is important both to protect you - the seller from claims of not selling as advertised as well as protecting the customer by letting them know exactly what they are getting. All in all it's less of a hassle to come out and be frank about what you are selling.  

Schlitz Retro Bar Light - $135
Matchbox 1907 Peugeot - $25.45
Describe what the item could be used for or how to decorate with it, especially for obscure items. This helps the customer draw a connection to it.  For example:  I've listed some antique car horns that were used on Model T's and A's.  Not every customer is building a hot rod or rat rod, so by describing ways to use them as decor I can expand the number of possible customers from those building a hot rod to those who think old cars are neat. 

When possible give a little history.  I think the customer appreciates knowing when and how it was made and what it's original use was.  It's part of our history and culture and something worth knowing about.  It does take extra time researching, so what is the real benefit to you? It might just make the customer think, "Wow, that's really neat, I'd love to own that piece of history!" And right there you convert a casual viewer to a buyer.  Lastly, provide a link back to your shop at the end of your listing.  This is important to keep the person viewing in your shop and continuing to shop.  
Bubble depression glass - $12.99
Blue Edworth Tobacco Tin - $24
Alex has been open less than 2 years, has over 50 sells, 24 - 5 star reviews and almost 1000 admirers.

Great Advice from Alex and
Thanks so much for sharing your insights
Julie Jansen