Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a good day for the blues and you will see a number of blue feeders below, the most popular color at stellaerwins.etsy.com

BUT first a word about bird seed.  As you can imagine there are a number of Stella's creations at the Jansen castle.  Based on the wisdom of my dad (Stella's nephew) and confirmed by my aunt, his sister-in-law, I serve a simple mix of chicken scratch and sunflower seeds - 3 parts chicken scratch to 1 part sunflower seeds.  My local feed store sells both - 50 pounds of scratch for about $13 and 25 pounds of sunflower seeds for about $20.00.  This combo purchased from your local feed or general store will save you lots of money, if you feed birds year round like I do.  And the scratch is tax free!!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL - It works.  Today there was a cardinal invasion at the Jansen castle, with 10 or more cardinals at my feeders this morning, including 2 adult males, several adult females and lots of their offspring.  The little ones are cute and curious - their parents are ever watchful of the Jansen castle dog and cat.  Good parenting.

And now a look at the Blues.

This one at $91 is hanging outside and the cardinals love it - The cover keeps squirrels out and their food dry.

Sold one just like this last year and decided to keep in in the line of feeders.  It's listed at $64

A new addition to Stella Erwin's this spring.  Don't know if I can part with it - maybe at $69

It's fancy, pricey and your for $77.

Please shop here:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/StellaErwins

And do contact me with questions.  My photographer is gathering information for a future blog about the best time to get pictures of your birds - which for most of us is coming up in a couple of months.

Stay tuned.

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