Friday, January 17, 2014 designs new and old

Told myself that keeping up this blog in 2014 is a New Years resolution and much more fun that those other pesky resolutions about getting in shape and losing weight.  And thus, the 2nd post of today. is proud to bring back a very popular style today.  Several of these beautiful floral designs have sold in both blue and cream.   Finding a popular design is so important for the sustainability of my shop.  This one is listed at $69

Speaking of sustainability - repurposing vintage glass light shades into stunning garden art is sustainable in a couple of ways.  Obviously the glass doesn't go to the landfill AND the birds and yes squirrels have a lovely place to dine.  It's amazing how certain birds are drawn to certain colors.  Cardinals will eat anywhere.

This particular design sold out around the holidays.  I found a great buy on 6 of them and was able to pass it along to my customers.  Great gifts.

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