Monday, September 28, 2015

Stella Erwin's presents:
Foothills and Flats

Stella Mae Erwin, my great aunt, had a zest for life and loyalty to her extended family that was remarkable.  She died young but is well remembered and loved. Great women are like that, they live on and on.  

Stella's great grand nephew and his wife, Ben and Jessalyn Beasley, recently began their artist adventure creating handmade artisan jewelry. They are open for business on Etsy at and soon to be on Handmade at Amazon.  

A little bit about their shop and some of their creations. Listing links follow last photo. 

$61.23 Sterling Feather 
$15.95 Turquoise wire wrapped ring
Our name is Foothills&Flats because of the two parts that make up this company, a Tennessee boy and a Texas girl. On the one hand, our roots very much influence our work and our style but on the other hand, it's just a starting point. 

Our affections for silversmithing really took off after Ben cast his own wedding ring (the week of the wedding.) We were enamored by the matte finish of the delft clay casting and the immense feeling of having created something so meaningful with our own hands. 

$37.45 Copper Cuff
Our jewelry is earthy and eclectic. It appeals to the simple down-home style or the traveler in search of the connection between all humans. Designed for the person who appreciates that there is nothing new under the sun and that all things are influenced by another and connected. We believe in art for the sake of connecting humans to craft, not simply to generate profit or provide endless copies. Sometimes it’s better to limit the reach. That’s what makes it unique.
$51.50 Sterling Mountain
 That's what makes us all unique. We found that we're all a little like that first wedding ring, cast from such precious material, unique in our creation & raw and imperfect until our Maker comes along to give us the perfect finish.

Shop now, shop often.  Their designs and quality are amazing.


  1. Cool metalwork. Thanks for the introduction to their shop. (Love your shop, too!)

    1. thanks much for stopping by and commenting. appreciate the compliments also.