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How to Write Successful Etsy Description for Vintage Items

Because it's important to capture as many on-line customer segments as possible, I invited Alex, a college sophomore, attending the University of Illinois to share his thoughts about writing listing descriptions.  His shop - is successful and his perspective fresh and well grounded.  But first, enjoy a couple of his listings, and be sure to click on the links that follow and read his descriptions.  

Antique Auto Horn - $70
1969 Vintage Lunch Box - $28.89

This from Alex: In the body of the description - "Repeat your item title and other important identifiable characteristics about your piece in the first 1-2 sentences.  This is important for SEO (search engine optimization) and being chosen by Google and other search engines as one of the first results if someone searches for your item.  Google looks at the first 64 characters of your description - making the placement of this information important."

Bloggers note:  I recently incorporated this great advice in to all of my new listings.

Next, describe any faults, problems, or missing parts with your item.  Leaving it for last leaves a lasting impression.  This part is important both to protect you - the seller from claims of not selling as advertised as well as protecting the customer by letting them know exactly what they are getting. All in all it's less of a hassle to come out and be frank about what you are selling.  

Schlitz Retro Bar Light - $135
Matchbox 1907 Peugeot - $25.45
Describe what the item could be used for or how to decorate with it, especially for obscure items. This helps the customer draw a connection to it.  For example:  I've listed some antique car horns that were used on Model T's and A's.  Not every customer is building a hot rod or rat rod, so by describing ways to use them as decor I can expand the number of possible customers from those building a hot rod to those who think old cars are neat. 

When possible give a little history.  I think the customer appreciates knowing when and how it was made and what it's original use was.  It's part of our history and culture and something worth knowing about.  It does take extra time researching, so what is the real benefit to you? It might just make the customer think, "Wow, that's really neat, I'd love to own that piece of history!" And right there you convert a casual viewer to a buyer.  Lastly, provide a link back to your shop at the end of your listing.  This is important to keep the person viewing in your shop and continuing to shop.  
Bubble depression glass - $12.99
Blue Edworth Tobacco Tin - $24
Alex has been open less than 2 years, has over 50 sells, 24 - 5 star reviews and almost 1000 admirers.

Great Advice from Alex and
Thanks so much for sharing your insights
Julie Jansen

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