Sunday, April 12, 2015


Frustrating, to say the least, are copycats.  Can't afford a patent?  Me neither.  Still, there are things that can be done to keep your work unique and to inform your customers they are getting your original product. 

Acrylic tags hang from each of my pieces, which brings me to the real subject of today's blog - Stacy Scissors of
Beginning with the above listing, Stacy created 100 custom acrylic tags using my script and the ™ symbol. She also reviewed my work and recommended a color choice that beautifully accents each piece without being distracting.  
Once the artwork was settled Stacy sent me three sizes to choose from, with the dimensions clearly marked.  The photo left, is her mockup.  So much information in one photo makes it easy to choose.  

Somewhere along the way, I made the purchase - ONLY $42.90 INCLUDING SHIPPING for 100 tags.  Amazing!

Stacy cut and beautifully packaged the tags and got them to me within 3 days.  They came neatly nestled in a gift box, tied with a ribbon and one of the tags.  Working with Stacy was such a pleasure. She is professional, fast, accurate and made the process easy.  

Stacy sells all kinds of neat things in her shop -
Silver Bullet Charm Necklace - $24.95
Acrylic Red Leopard Heels - $3.49

Check out this cool charm necklace and acrylic red heel cabs.  The listing links follow the photos

A bit from Stacy's Etsy About Page.

"I created Running With Scissors jewelry in 2006 with glitter running through my veins and a dream swirling in my head. Having just become a new mommy, I wanted to find a way to stay with my new lil princess always. Running With Scissors has not only allowed me that luxury, but, has also become a jewelry and accessory line that has taken the world of bling by storm! 

......Once the kids are napping or asleep at night I retire to my fantasy glitter factory and strap on my gas mask. There, in the solace of resin fumes, stickers, beads, and charms galore I can create whatever I want..."

4 finger rings - $24.95
I love the part about strapping on her gas mask.  Stacy's shop stats are impressive.  Since opening her Etsy shop in 2008 she has accumulated 7328 Sales; 7419 Admirers; 2488 5 star reviews. 

Bones and gears earrings - $11.95
Whether you want something fun or need classy acrylic work, shop with Stacy -

I love this shop.


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