Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stella Erwin's™ presents:
Porch Lights in keeping with the stylish repurposing of vintage glass lighting announces a new line - Porch Lights. These glass porch light covers, reclaimed for use as hanging candle holders, are a subtle and stunning accent for garden weddings, your patio, or outdoor party decoration. I have one sitting on a footed candle holder inside.  Below are the first in the new line. Links to Etsy listings follow photos. 

$44 plus shipping
$44 plus shipping

The vintage glass is thick and the designs are many and varied.  Some have vertical ridge and geometric designs.  Others include hobnail or horizontal accents.  They range in height from 3-7" and most have top openings of about 3" in diameter.  Two holes are drilled in the rim of each piece to insure secure attachment of hardware.  The hardware also includes a black chain that hangs 12-18". All are available at

$37 plus shipping

$44 plus shipping 

Each "Porch Light," comes with a votive candle, but imagine having several of these suspended from your porch, fitted with remote control LED wax candles, which can be found on eBay in sets of 6 or more.  

These designs and others are now available at  Many more will be introduced over the coming weeks.  They will range in price from $33-49 plus shipping. 

Julie Jansen

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