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Etsy Shop Policies - Part II

Payment and Seller Information are both important parts of an Etsy shop.  Completion of these sections with clear, informative data will set your shop apart.  I am so fortunate to have expert contributors to this blog.  Take some time to browse, starting with a couple of  items that follow and then absorb Tony's insights into Payment and Seller Information. Listing links follow the photos.  
Night Before Christmas Hosta - $14.99
5 Abbey Hostas - $30 + shipping
"List clearly exactly what forms of payment you accept and I recommend you accept every form you can. The more comfortable customers are with how they can pay, the more money you will have in your pocket." Paypal, Direct Checkout and Etsy Gift cards are 3 easy payments to take. 

If you decide to accept personal checks and money orders, state they must clear before shipment (usually 15 business days – three weeks). You may not hold them that long, but the message is clear that you aren’t going to ship until the money has arrived. For those that choose this option, they will be willing to wait.  USPS money orders can be cashed at post offices and turned into immediate cash. 

Trades - Tony has made some amazing deals accepting trades, and made good money bartering. "Think of creative forms of payment you can accept that will help your customer. For example, I have long been a coin dealer, so I will accept silver or gold coins at a slight discount to spot price in lieu of cash."  Lay-a-ways are also a great way to get larger sales and it's easy to set up lay-a-way listings.  

Tony has an amazing and eclectic selection in his shop -  Since it's spring and gardening time, I'm featuring items form his Garlic, Garden, Hostas section.

Galic to transplant - $4.99 + shipping
The more you are comfortable giving out information, the more visible and human you will appear. Many people prefer the anonymity they have selling online. However, from a customer’s viewpoint, the more ways they can reach you the better - especially if an issue or a question arises.  

Tony highly recommends giving both an address and a phone number in this section. It gives customers a much higher trust in you if they can view you as a “real” seller. Links to other sites where you can be found and links to antique or craft shows where you set-up send a strong professional image. Some of you will decide against this due to your individual situation, and that can be a valid choice. 

5 Milkweed pods - $9.99 plus shipping
This is the 2nd article Tony has contributed to and I so appreciate his insight.  Remember to shop at for these lovely garden plants and so much more

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