Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Sometimes I pick up a piece and think it looks old, feels old, is very interesting looking and wonder, what it is.  Then I buy it, come home, do the research and find I have a very good piece."  Mrs. Doc.  

The 4th part of "Classy Sustainability," is from  While visiting with Mrs. Doc, I got the feeling that she is that rare person with a 6th sense about the value, history and sentiment attached to vintage finds. She didn't say that, of course, her interview which follows this listing and you will see what I mean. 
Pair of Royal Ruby Vases - $50 plus shipping.

Q.  What prompted you to become an Etsy seller?
A.  First off we weren't sure this was what we even wanted to do, but we were definitely looking for a better way to sell our products than boxing them up and dragging them to flea or open air markets. We had rented booths at different antique stores. But it seemed like all that sold went to pay the rent and there wasn't much profit. I had heard of Etsy and after looking at it some, told Doc if we could figure out how to open a store I thought we should do it.  
All backward from what I am hearing from some of the more seasoned and successful people on Etsy.  But we are here and beginning to see some profit. 

Q.  You have been on Etsy for about 18 months. How would you describe your success so far?
A.  First off we were not sure this was going to work out and then Etsy Pickers and Sellers happened to us.  Teresa of Broadriver Exchange found us and told us we really needed to be part of this Epsteam. She took us by the hand and helped us so much. The TEAM has helped us a lot. Sometimes they are aware of the help, sometimes not. We are finally seeing a little bit of profit. I feel like as long as we work the team programs and work at getting our shop noticed we will do alright. 

Etsy Pickers and Seller Team, is a fantastic Etsy team.  They are very active and can be found at:

The link to these antique farm fencing tools ($35 plus shipping) follows the photo and Mrs. Doc's interview continues after.

Q.  You have a great mix of items in your store.  How do you decide what to sell?  
A.  Basically we just look for things we think are old enough and maybe were popular at one time. Things that someone may want to put back in their home or replace - something they once had or their mother or grandmother had, so they can maybe feel that connection again to a loved one. I'm a sucker for old glass and that is what leads me to finds. 

Doc on the other hand knows tools and that sort of thing, so we kind of mix our interests. I love doing research. I love to find an item and maybe spend 12 hours or more on the net looking for the same thing or the history of the company that made it or finding what its original job was before it came to us.  Sometimes I pick up a piece and think it looks old, feels old, is very interesting looking and wonder, what it is.  Then I buy it come home, do the research and find I have a very good piece. 

Q.  How do you connect selling vintage with sustainability or going green?

A.  Antiquers are the original recyclers. I thought everyone knew that. If you do not have to use a natural resource to remake an item that you can still use or decorate your house with, then it is a green item in my book. Plain and simple reuse what is already here. Plus it is usually better made.
These dresser scarves are just $6 plus shipping - listing is below the photo

Q.  What advice would you give someone who wants to start an Etsy shop?
A.  Don't do what we did!  But by all means go for it. Keep in mind it is work. You have to realize you cannot just open a shop and things happen.  You do have to work it.  Get in and really study how everything works before jumping in. READ up on how Etsy works before jumping in and DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. (I still struggle with this one.) 
The technical stuff all the computer things still comes hard for us. 

I LOVE this shop and had such a hard time deciding what items to showcase.  They have over 200 items and every one is a gem.  The owners are gems too.  As of today, they are one sale away from 100, have over 800 admirers and stunning reviews.  Below are 2 items I purchased from them.  Sorry, they are no longer available - but they have lots of other great things. 
 This little dish sits on a small table and I use it as a coaster.

I have a juicer and drinking green juices from these glasses make them go down easily.

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