Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to build a light box - cheap!!

Ever wonder how some Etsy shops have the greatest photos, with sharpness, detail and no background noise?  I pay to have "The Stella Erwin Feeder™" photos done.

Joanne, from, built a wonderful light box, that contributes to photos like these from some of her Etsy shop listings.

Links to each of these listings follow below the photos.
Galvanized Water Can - $38.00
Mod Necklace - $9.25

Green Cat Eye Marbles - $11.50

How did she do it?  She started with a white styrofoam box, added lighting and paper, set up her camera on a tripod and voila!!  A photo of Joanne's box follows along with items you will need.

The styrofoam box, which you can find FREE from a local vet, doctor, hospital or medical supply store, has inside dimensions of:

  • 15" front to back
  • 17" high
  • 21" wide

Joanne added clamp on lights from Home Depot for under $10 each and poster board for the inside at about $1 per sheet.  She bought the cheapest point and shoot camera that would work with the 80's aluminum tripod pictured.  The legs on her tripod extend for more height if a top shot is required.

Joanne of, is from Maine.  Because of the limited days of light and really cold temps, taking pictures inside is a necessity.  She has over 500 fabulous items in her shop and adds listings daily.

Does it work?  You bet.  Joanne has been selling on Etsy for over 3 years.  She has sold more than 850 items, has 340 - 5 STAR reviews and over 1100 admirers.  Go check out her fantastic array of Fresh Picked Maine Vintage and Antiques.  Just click this link:

Check back here for more about photos and lighting.  An article about tips and tricks for good photos including the right lamp bulbs to buy is coming soon.

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